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Retail Smart Guys (Dan and Dave) at a recent trade show.

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"Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday's sales training with my staff. 

About 5 minutes after you left a guy came in to buy a tie.  I did exactly what you said and he left with 4 ties and a tie bar and he loved it!

My staff did great, too.  We totally hit our sales goals for the day."

Ilaria Urbinati


"While I was a bit apprehensive at first mention of the program, I am now completely sold. Dan's expertise, suggestions and guidance has been extremely valuable. He is able to answer every question in every aspect of the retail market. Dan is also very familiar with many of the vendors we use which is helpful in solving problems with our cash registers and computer systems. Under his direction we have added a new aisle, carpeted the store, created an online newsletter, started collecting customer emails, changed some of our advertising and many others. All of these items have produced positive comments from customers and staff. I am sure that these changes will help curtail any future business loss and hopefully produce an increase in business. I would happily refer Dan to other retailers if asked."

John Solomon
Liquorama Inc.


We've been in the news lately!  In case you missed it:

Here's a link to an article about us in the Los Angeles Business

Do any of these issues worry you?

  • Not enough cash to pay your bills?
  • Not enough customers coming in the door?
  • Employee issues taking up too much time?
  • Too much inventory?
  • Not enough of the right inventory?
  • Need an Open To Buy plan?
  • Excessive markdowns ruining your bottom line?
  • Technology issues that you cannot solve?
  • Uncertain about your future?
  • Difficulty with vendor negotiations?
  • Not sure if you're doing the right thing with your business?

If any of the above apply to you, then call us now at 818-720-2585. We can help you figure out the toughest parts of your business.

We'll even do a
FREE ANALYSIS of your business to point you in the right direction.  We'll help you find the answers.  Click here to get started.

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